Daniela Biagi
Head of Academy

Daniela set up the Academy at the Borsa Italiana in 2000 and became Head of the London Stock Exchange Group Academy in 2009. Besides running both campuses, she is also in charge of the LSEG Academy international business development.

Academy Italy team

Marika Bocchini
E Learning Training Manager

Marika joined Academy in 2005 as a junior training specialist. She is now in charge of the development and management of the Group Academy e-learning platform and online courses.

Alessandra Cavallotti
In House Training Manager

Alessandra joined Academy in 2002 as a in house training manager. Alessandra is now running the In house business line in Italy and continental Europe.

Raffaella Zoppei
Open Programme Training Manager

Raffaella joined Academy in 2002 as an open enrolment training manager. She is now running the open enrolment business line in Italy.

Sara Bernasconi
E Learning Specialist

Sara joined Academy in 2014 as junior training specialist. She is now managing the Academy e-learning platform and the online courses development.

Academy UK team

Anna Clauser
Head of UK new business development, Academy

Anna joined Academy in 2018 and has a capital markets background. Anna runs the development of the Academy public and bespoke courses in the UK.

Jennifer George
Senior Associate, UK Academy Events & Client Services

Jennifer joined Academy in 2010. She now oversees Educational programmes which are delivered to schools, business schools, universities and overseas delegations.